You are Coming to Huntsville to pitch your idea 


You have been selected to be one of 16 semifinalists that will present their idea to the judges and the public for the opportunity to win the Will This Fly? competition. You will still be be judged according to the same criteria:

  • Team: We are looking for well rounded teams with relevant experience and the ability to execute.
  • Potential:  We are looking for problems worth solving, that address an unmet need with substantial market. We are particularly interested in startups that can show early traction or significant validation of their business model.
  • Solution: We are looking for differentiated solutions that are not within a crowded competitive landscape and have protectable intellectual property.
  • Early Stage: We are looking for startups that have raised less than $1M in funding and have a prototype or Minimum Viable Product.

Please read the Semifinalist Expectation Document to prepare for the competition

IMPORTANT: As a semifinalist you are bound to the Will This Fly? TERMS & CONDITIONS



APRIL 18 - MAY 6


Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to be at their best the day of the competition.  You will have access to Rocket Hatch mentors who will help to fine tune you pitch, using the TestMyPitch platform. Questions? Read the TMP Guidelines.


May 7, 2016
9:00AM - 11:00AM
CAMPuS 805 

Semifinalists should arrive at Campus 805 around 8:00AM to setup in the Village. At 9:30AM we will host the semifinals on the main stage at the venue. This will serve both as a dress rehearsal and will be a component of the evaluation to select the finalists.


Startup Village

May 7, 2016
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Campus 805

All semifinalists will be invited to showcase their startup at the Will This Fly? Startup Village.  

The judges and the public will use the final pitch video and their interaction with each startup to select 7 finalists to participate in the final pitch.



MAY 7, 2016

7 lucky startups will have the chance to present and compete for the Jury Award and the Popular Award. The jury will present the winners with the awards and then we will breakout to celebrate the diversity of creative and entrepreneurial spirit in our community.

Semifinalists have 2 free VIP tickets and 5 discount codes for friends and family.
Get maximum savings for your guests by getting the tickets before April 27th.

The T&C say "Unsolicited Business Plans..." 
Are we required to submit a business plan for the competition?

No, this is language we have in our terms to warn applicants to not send us proprietary information that we have not asked for. All we require is a startup profile and it should not contain proprietary or otherwise restricted information.  Since this is a public event we want to stress to the participants that we cannot guarantee confidentiality, therefore the information shared with us must be ok to be distributed to the judges and the audience.

i have been selected as a semifinalist, now what?

Download and study the detailed Entrepreneur Expectations.

Can we get information on the size and layout of the tables/booths?  Will there be walls dividing the groups or just tables?  

Semifinalists will have access to a high-top table at the Startup Village. There are no walls or dividers between tables.

Do we need to provide our own table covering?  

Checking with the venue, will get back to you on that

When do we begin setting up?  Is anything not allowed?

Doors will open at 8:00am at Campus 805 for setup, the detailed agenda for May 7th is below:

8:00 AM  // Doors open at Campus 805
               // Entrepreneur Registration
9:00 AM  // Semifinalist Pitches
11:00 AM // VIP Lunch
1:00 PM   // Startup Village Opens
2:00 PM  // Panel 1: Entrepreneur Journey in the Southeast
3:15 PM   // Panel 2: Building the Southeast Startup Ecosystem
5:00 PM  // Finalists Announced, Startup Village Closes
5:30 PM  // Finalist Pitches
6:30 PM  // Keynote Speaker
7:00 PM  // Awards Announcement
7:30 PM  // Networking and Celebration

We are thinking of bringing some flat screens and a laptop for our display.  How long will the finalists have for their pitches?  

If the flat screens are too large the setup might become unstable on the high-top table.

This one may be an obvious one, but is the pitch that we will post online tomorrow and in the coming weeks the precursor for our selection committee pitch, on-stage pitch, or both?  

The submitted videos will be used to help you refine your pitch. You will pitch live during the event to qualify. Your final video will be kept as part of your Startup Profile. 

Will the selection committee pitch be timed?

The semifinals pitches in the morning will be timed. This is basically your dress rehearsal in case you get selected to pitch in the evening for the finals.

Can we give more information during our semi-finalist pitches and/or Startup Village? 

Yes, this is what your startup profile is for. You will continue to refine it to be able to distribute online and in paper at the event.

For the TestMyPitch Pitch submittal, is the TestMyPitch concept to just have me in front of the camera without images? I typically utilize imagery in my presentations/pitches - is it okay to splice some in here and there? any guidance here would be helpful. 

The videos are just you in front of the camera, if you plan to use slides, you can use This link will allow you to create a free account This will allow you and your slides to be on screen at the same time.